Friday, August 31, 2012

August Favorites !!!

So first off I thought I would start off with my love, my baby girl Bella ♥ She will always and forever be my favorite! Look at her beautiful blue eyes (: They aren't that blue in real life but when I look at 'em, her eyes are blue! I've never had a dog with blue eyes, just makes her that much more unique. This is my baby girl, I love her so much! But let me tell you, she is work! Always needing to play, potty training her seems impossible, but I love her none the less ♥

EOS Lipbalm
The next thing is my lemon drop lipbalm! I cannot live without this! It is the only thing that seems to keep my lips smooth. I like the texture of it on my lips, it doesn't get on my teeth, and smells (even tastes) great! Go purchase this at your local drugstore, it is amazing! Only $3.99, totally worth the four dollars!

Udderly Smooth Udder Cream
This stuff is amazing. I love it to moisturize my face. It hydrates it so well, and I think it is helping me with my redness. It also helps let my foundation blend well with my skin. I have dry flaky skin in some areas of my face and this helps a lot! I love it. It used to be used for cows,  now for my face :D ha-ha

Instant Age Rewind Treatment Concealer
This next product I have been loving is this Maybelline concealer. This is the best concealer I have came across so far. It blends into my skin so perfectly, covers my dark circles and huge ass pores. It doesn't look cakey either! I want to try the foundation that goes with it! Y'all really should go purchase this, it is so worth it.

Fit Me Pressed Powder
I really like this Maybelline pressed powder. The consistency is very silky and makes my face look porcelain! I love it, the only problem is I got a shade or two too light :/ I want to go back and get a darker shade!

I have no idea what this palette is called but it is by Cover Girl. I have been loving it this month! I don't use the middle shade but the others I do use. I put the deep purple (which looks brown in this photo) in my crease and the light lavender shade (which looks like a champagne color in this photo) in my inner corner. I really like it. The eye shadow blends well and is very pretty. I would definitely recommend this to you, they also last a LONG TIME!

Crown Brush Crease Brush
I really love this brush to put a darker color in my crease. It really blends the colors and picks it up. I freaking love it. I got it off this site, a flash sale site, for a really good deal. I'm definitely happy I got it and impressed to say it is worth it's regular price!

This is what the brush is called: C439 DLX. DUO FIBER CREASE
Really amazing (:

Beyond The Zone Smooth Criminal
I really love this blow out balm. I put it in while my hair is wet before I blow dry it. This serum really keeps my hair from drying out, and even gives it a nice shine and silk feeling. I also put a pea sized amount on my tips before I flat iron. It works so good at keeping your hair hydrated. I love it! If you want to purchase it, I got mine at Sally's.

Bronner Bros Tropical Roots Locking Gel
I freaking love this gel! I use it for my crazy baby hairs! Ha-ha, if I am putting my hair up or to the back, I will rub some on my edges and baby hairs. With the brush sitting next to it, I will brush all my hair back, and make sure to where I put the gel, and I don't see my baby hairs for hours! The only thing is  it gets stiff, but its a gel so it's understandable. Still a great product. I got it at Sally's, along with this brush (a million years ago).

Equate Flushable Wipes
These are a necessity in my life. I really like these because they are alcohol free and don't cause rashes like some wipes. I use these for sanitary reasons. I just really want to make sure that my area is extra clean to prevent infections, plus I just feel that it is necessary.

NY Fashion
I got this perfume at Deb and have really been loving it! The smell is sexy and flirty, plus the packaging is so cute! I love to just look at it, ha-ha. It was pretty cheap, for a perfume, but worth the money. I really love it (:

The Nature of Good and Evil
This book is book three of Sylvia Browne's Journey of the Soul series. I have loved this series so much. It has connected me with my spirituality and most importantly my Creators. I am so happy I found these books. I cannot wait to read more. This one so far is really good, I predicted it would be my favorite out of the three of them and I think I might be right! You should really go get this series. So worth it! ♥

Some music favorites of mine this month have been:
Man Down - Rihanna
What Hurts The Most - Rascal Flatts
Jesus Take The Wheel - Carrie Underwood
My Heart Will Go On ♥ - Celine Dion
Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield
Broken Hearted Girl - Beyonce
Dance For You - Beyonce

Also, some food favorites:
Hot Fries
Chicken flatbread sandwich with ranch & chipotle from Subway

Favorite shows this month:
Big Brother
Snooki & Jwow
The King of Queens

And my most favorite of all time! My all loving Creators ♥

Thank you for reading, follow my blog! Have a blessed day/year/life and spread love ♥

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