Monday, August 20, 2012

My Stressfull Weekend!!!

My weekend was not the best.... There was so much stress!

So Friday I don't really remember. I wasn't doing anything that day, just at home hanging out with my dogs and family.

Saturday Brooklyn came over! I was sleeping real late in the afternoon and my mom came in my room with the phone. It was Brooklyn asking to come over and of course me and my mom said yes! I haven't seen her in a couple weeks so I was excited to see her. When she came over we talked and talked! We watched videos on YouTube and she made a blog!!! Take a visit to it!
The blog is dedicated to her boyfriend whom she is over head in love with.
She never stops talking about him but it's cute and I'm happy she has someone she can be extra close with.

On Sunday, around one-ish Brooklyn went home, and my mother and I went to go get my brother from his friend's house so we could go school shopping. The first place we went was Kohls because my mom had some Kohls cash there. I really don't like that store because it is so hard to find clothes for me. They were all old lady-ish and there wasn't even a basic section, which is what I was looking for. I did find two nice cardigans that were on sale though. I was getting so stressed. I wasn't finding anything, not even shoes! I should have just picked out a pair, because now all I have for school is white and pink nikes! My brother on the other hand found four shirts, twenty dollars worth of socks, shoes, and a sixty dollar backpack! And he still asked for more! Like dude! You got all this and I got two fall/winter cardigans. I had to take myself away from them for awhile so I could have a mini break down. School is tomorrow and I have three shirts at home I can wear and no jeans and I haven't found anything at Kohls. The next place to go was the mall! I was excited for that because I knew where and what I needed. Unfortunately, I could not get any shirts, which sucks some D but I did get two pair of jeans and two bras, which I needed! My brother got another shirt which was thirty dollars! Ridiculous. I'm hoping that I can get some things maybe from Wal-Mart this weekend. It's the last resort, ha-ha.

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