Friday, August 31, 2012

August Favorites !!!

So first off I thought I would start off with my love, my baby girl Bella ♥ She will always and forever be my favorite! Look at her beautiful blue eyes (: They aren't that blue in real life but when I look at 'em, her eyes are blue! I've never had a dog with blue eyes, just makes her that much more unique. This is my baby girl, I love her so much! But let me tell you, she is work! Always needing to play, potty training her seems impossible, but I love her none the less ♥

EOS Lipbalm
The next thing is my lemon drop lipbalm! I cannot live without this! It is the only thing that seems to keep my lips smooth. I like the texture of it on my lips, it doesn't get on my teeth, and smells (even tastes) great! Go purchase this at your local drugstore, it is amazing! Only $3.99, totally worth the four dollars!

Udderly Smooth Udder Cream
This stuff is amazing. I love it to moisturize my face. It hydrates it so well, and I think it is helping me with my redness. It also helps let my foundation blend well with my skin. I have dry flaky skin in some areas of my face and this helps a lot! I love it. It used to be used for cows,  now for my face :D ha-ha

Instant Age Rewind Treatment Concealer
This next product I have been loving is this Maybelline concealer. This is the best concealer I have came across so far. It blends into my skin so perfectly, covers my dark circles and huge ass pores. It doesn't look cakey either! I want to try the foundation that goes with it! Y'all really should go purchase this, it is so worth it.

Fit Me Pressed Powder
I really like this Maybelline pressed powder. The consistency is very silky and makes my face look porcelain! I love it, the only problem is I got a shade or two too light :/ I want to go back and get a darker shade!

I have no idea what this palette is called but it is by Cover Girl. I have been loving it this month! I don't use the middle shade but the others I do use. I put the deep purple (which looks brown in this photo) in my crease and the light lavender shade (which looks like a champagne color in this photo) in my inner corner. I really like it. The eye shadow blends well and is very pretty. I would definitely recommend this to you, they also last a LONG TIME!

Crown Brush Crease Brush
I really love this brush to put a darker color in my crease. It really blends the colors and picks it up. I freaking love it. I got it off this site, a flash sale site, for a really good deal. I'm definitely happy I got it and impressed to say it is worth it's regular price!

This is what the brush is called: C439 DLX. DUO FIBER CREASE
Really amazing (:

Beyond The Zone Smooth Criminal
I really love this blow out balm. I put it in while my hair is wet before I blow dry it. This serum really keeps my hair from drying out, and even gives it a nice shine and silk feeling. I also put a pea sized amount on my tips before I flat iron. It works so good at keeping your hair hydrated. I love it! If you want to purchase it, I got mine at Sally's.

Bronner Bros Tropical Roots Locking Gel
I freaking love this gel! I use it for my crazy baby hairs! Ha-ha, if I am putting my hair up or to the back, I will rub some on my edges and baby hairs. With the brush sitting next to it, I will brush all my hair back, and make sure to where I put the gel, and I don't see my baby hairs for hours! The only thing is  it gets stiff, but its a gel so it's understandable. Still a great product. I got it at Sally's, along with this brush (a million years ago).

Equate Flushable Wipes
These are a necessity in my life. I really like these because they are alcohol free and don't cause rashes like some wipes. I use these for sanitary reasons. I just really want to make sure that my area is extra clean to prevent infections, plus I just feel that it is necessary.

NY Fashion
I got this perfume at Deb and have really been loving it! The smell is sexy and flirty, plus the packaging is so cute! I love to just look at it, ha-ha. It was pretty cheap, for a perfume, but worth the money. I really love it (:

The Nature of Good and Evil
This book is book three of Sylvia Browne's Journey of the Soul series. I have loved this series so much. It has connected me with my spirituality and most importantly my Creators. I am so happy I found these books. I cannot wait to read more. This one so far is really good, I predicted it would be my favorite out of the three of them and I think I might be right! You should really go get this series. So worth it! ♥

Some music favorites of mine this month have been:
Man Down - Rihanna
What Hurts The Most - Rascal Flatts
Jesus Take The Wheel - Carrie Underwood
My Heart Will Go On ♥ - Celine Dion
Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield
Broken Hearted Girl - Beyonce
Dance For You - Beyonce

Also, some food favorites:
Hot Fries
Chicken flatbread sandwich with ranch & chipotle from Subway

Favorite shows this month:
Big Brother
Snooki & Jwow
The King of Queens

And my most favorite of all time! My all loving Creators ♥

Thank you for reading, follow my blog! Have a blessed day/year/life and spread love ♥

It's Friday :D

Today is Friday, the beginning of my THREE DAY WEEKEND! I love three day weekends! More sleep and relaxing. But today is also the day where I do my August favorites! I love doing these. I am excited... tomorrow I am getting my MAC stuff :D I cannot wait, especially cause I am cleaning the house tonight, full blown. Everything is going to be all nice and squeaky clean. Maybe with a clean house I can get an extra eye shadow or concealer ;) Ha-ha. I wish I had started cleaning last night though... I have A LOT to do tonight... and I don't like cleaning so, this is going to take FOREVER! But worth it in the end, a clean house, make-up and a happy mama!

My week has been okay. I did not get very much sleep though and yesterday my eyes were heavy all through school up until sixth hour. I found out my friend Ronnie is asking this girl Sarah to Homecoming today. I'm just gonna stare at him so I don't miss it. Hope she says yes! I would feel bad if she didn't...

I don't think I'm going to Homecoming this year. I did last year and it was FUN. I couldn't stop smiling all night. But this year I don't have a date or an established group to go with, plus the dress and the shoes and the ticket, it adds up to TOO MUCH. I don't want to waste money on it unless I have a date. Guess I'm staying home with my dogs ^__^ Ha-ha

I really don't know what else to say, I haven't been mad about anything lately so I can't rant, and not extremely happy about anything except for my first MAC purchase. Oh well (: I still like to blog, even if I'm not talking about anything! Hope you all have a blessed day!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ashton Ashton Ashton (:

Today is a pretty exciting school day for me. It's an early off day plus, we got advisory, and y'all know why I love advisory! Ashton sits right next to me! I just like to have that extra time to just talk to him, and get to know him, plus it's always fun to hear him say bad kitty! Just wanted to write a little something something before I start my day. Hope all of you have a blessed day!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Just A Little Update (:

I am so excited y'all! This weekend I am getting my very first MAC stuff :D I have been wanting to get something from MAC for like two years but just never had the money to splurge on, anything really...

So... Let me tell you what I'm getting!!!!

1. Lipstick in Coral Bliss
2. Lipstick in Impassioned
3. Lipstick in Pink Pearl Pop
4. Lipstick in Viva Glam Nicki
5. Mineralized Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle
And MAYBE an eye shadow in Miss Piggy Pink!

I am so happy. I've had money just sitting around with no plans for it so I thought splurging on some make up would be perfect for it! I would have had $30 more but my brother convinced me to order food for him and me... ain't ever letting him do that again!

But besides the make up I just felt like blogging! Haven't done it in a couple days and it seems kind of bare. School has definitely kept me SO busy. It dictates my life, but totally worth it when the grade cards come out! I have been so focused on school this year, and by the power of the God in me, it will stay that way :)

I hope you guys are having a wonderful day/week/year! God bless you, I do.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

I Don't Really Know What I'm Trying To Say But...


So I was on youtube just watching random videos and this woman did a swap and literally got a huge box FULL of MAC Cosmetics. She is so lucky. I would cry of happiness if someone sent me a box of MAC makeup! O.o
I love their make up, especially their lipsticks and bronzers/highlighters. I seriously wish I had the money to just... go and buy the whole store! I'm not kidding, lol. I need a friend who works at MAC to give me all that stuff!!!

Sometimes it sucks to not be able to buy things like that...

but I know that no matter what, I will be able to do that, and have that. And I know I will be okay without money, and a lot of make up and shoes and expensive material things. I know that I don't need those things to be happy! If you are ever down because you don't have money to buy things you want, put that negative energy into something positive. Know that eventually you will be able to have whatever you want, even if it is not here on Earth.

Friday, August 24, 2012

You Will Always Be Beautiful In God's Eyes, No One Else Matters ♥

First week of school is over and done with! I am so glad, I need to be able to chill. Dang! School just got me focusing on getting sleep, homework, school, getting sleep, homework, and school and nothing else! Even this weekend is going to be filled with homework and now I'm spending my own money on school? I never thought I would put this much effort in, but I am so happy and grateful I get the chance to!

This weekend really gonna insist of me chilling. That is all I care about. Just relaxing, but I also got to get the house clean. I haven't had time for that with my crazy school schedule I have to keep up, but on weekends I can get it done!

My week has actually been good! The first three days were fucking awesome. I got to be in Advisory and talk to Ashton. He is just so easy and fun to talk to. He be crackin' my shit up though, I ain't going to lie! He says "bad kitty" all the time, it is so funny how he does it. He uses a sexy voice, weird face, and gyrates his hips in a humping motion. So funny! I swear Wednesdays are going to be the highlight of my year, those are the days I have Advisory. I don't know what it is, but I just love seeing him. We just talk and talk and talk, and laugh and laugh. I love it, nobody else can really do that. I might be developing feelings.... but unfortunately that would never happen between us... his focus is soccer and school... and plus, I don't fall under the category of pretty.

I'm not afraid to say it. I think I have accepted it by now... It sucks but all I can do is hope and pray that I will find someone I can become so close to and be in deep love with. I want to find my perfect kindred soul for this life... I know my soul-mate is waiting for me, I just can't wait to feel so close to someone like that.

But anyways, I know and am okay with the fact that I don't fall into the beautiful category. I know that gives me the chance to let my soul's beauty shine through... I think that is the only beauty that matters. I know I have a beautiful soul and I can't wait to have someone to show it to! ♥

This Is Amazing!

I watched this like three times in a row. PLEASE, GO SUBSCRIBE TO HER, SHE DESERVES IT!!! I freaking love this video. I will probably keep watching it over and over again! The original video is awesome too!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Better Than I Expected

School is actually not going too bad for me. I like my classes and I love some of the teachers I have. They are so cool, a lot better than last years, except for Mr. Duff, Mrs. Lemons and Coach Page, they were cool, but the others I didn't like. The first six of my classes are academic! I only have one "fun" class, which is Drawing & Painting I, but that's okay because that's how I like it. I like seeing all my friends again, especially Ashton. He is so funny!

Well..... I just wanted to write something, I haven't had a lot of time for my blog during the week because of school. But don't worry 'cause I will be doing week updates, rants, and everything else like I always do!

Monday, August 20, 2012

My Stressfull Weekend!!!

My weekend was not the best.... There was so much stress!

So Friday I don't really remember. I wasn't doing anything that day, just at home hanging out with my dogs and family.

Saturday Brooklyn came over! I was sleeping real late in the afternoon and my mom came in my room with the phone. It was Brooklyn asking to come over and of course me and my mom said yes! I haven't seen her in a couple weeks so I was excited to see her. When she came over we talked and talked! We watched videos on YouTube and she made a blog!!! Take a visit to it!
The blog is dedicated to her boyfriend whom she is over head in love with.
She never stops talking about him but it's cute and I'm happy she has someone she can be extra close with.

On Sunday, around one-ish Brooklyn went home, and my mother and I went to go get my brother from his friend's house so we could go school shopping. The first place we went was Kohls because my mom had some Kohls cash there. I really don't like that store because it is so hard to find clothes for me. They were all old lady-ish and there wasn't even a basic section, which is what I was looking for. I did find two nice cardigans that were on sale though. I was getting so stressed. I wasn't finding anything, not even shoes! I should have just picked out a pair, because now all I have for school is white and pink nikes! My brother on the other hand found four shirts, twenty dollars worth of socks, shoes, and a sixty dollar backpack! And he still asked for more! Like dude! You got all this and I got two fall/winter cardigans. I had to take myself away from them for awhile so I could have a mini break down. School is tomorrow and I have three shirts at home I can wear and no jeans and I haven't found anything at Kohls. The next place to go was the mall! I was excited for that because I knew where and what I needed. Unfortunately, I could not get any shirts, which sucks some D but I did get two pair of jeans and two bras, which I needed! My brother got another shirt which was thirty dollars! Ridiculous. I'm hoping that I can get some things maybe from Wal-Mart this weekend. It's the last resort, ha-ha.

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Sunday, August 19, 2012


This was SO FUNNY! I have never laughed so hard at a video before. My stomach actually hurts from laughing so much! Ha-ha, let me know what you thought of it in the comments.

Fabulous Shoes!

These shoes are so cute! The maryjane type strap just pulls the shoe together! I love the bright color blocking too! What do you think of them?

GUESS Edee 2 High-Heel Sandals, BLUE SUEDE (7 1/2) (Google Affiliate Ad)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Don't Ever Think You Have Nobody

I am so excited. I just got the new that my best friend in the world is coming over! She hasn't been over in a while due to her father passing. I think she just wanted to spend time alone for a while, which is perfectly understandable. I hope she is doing better though, I don't know what I would do if I found out my mother passed suddenly. But, tomorrow she is coming with me to probably get some clothes and stuff for school and my mom said maybe we could all go out to lunch which is exciting. Maybe she can help dye my hair! Ha-ha, this mess needs to be dyed. I'm just so happy I have found a kindred soul I can go through my life with. It is such a blessing. If I didn't have her I would have nobody. Well, I can't say that. I have Father God and Mother Azna in my life forever and beyond, with them I will never be alone. ♥

I Wish I Was 18 Already!!!

This is the sleeve I want. Koi fish are so beautiful and symbolize so many important things in my life. Things I would change to make this tattoo mine: intensify the color on the fish just a bit and maybe add a blue purple in with it, change the flowers to a more feminine kind and add more, take away the green seaweed type plant, and add hints of blue to the water. The sleeve would also be on my right arm, not my left. I just can't wait, I smile and jump with excitement every time I think about it!

MAC Cosmetics Are The ((:

I wish MAC would do sponsored review type things 'cause I would definitely do reviews on all their products. I really want to try their Mineralized Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle. It looks so pretty, especially for Summer and Fall. I can't wait to get a job, the first place I'm going to is the MAC store! Well, a Macy's with a MAC counter. My mall doesn't have a MAC store, which saddens me. The first thing I'm going to buy would probably be like fifty ca-billion lipsticks! I love the packaging they have and I've seen lip swatches. Let me tell you, BEAUTIFUL! I am loving their Hey Sailor! collection a lot. I want to get the Lip Glass in Orange Tempera and the lipstick in Red Racer. I just love the Hey Sailor! packaging, lol. What do you guys think of that collection?

Nervous Wreck!!!

I am sorta kinda freaking out right now. School is Monday and I'm no where near ready. I still need to get clothes because I have maybe 2 shirts I can wear and no jeans, they are all too wore out to wear anymore. I definitely need shoes because the only pair I have are white and hot pink nikes! Oh my gosh I am so freaking worried right now. My hair is like three different colors too. I gotta get my hair dye then dye my hair. I still need a backpack and school supplies! Like this is the worst preparation for school I have ever seen. I am so nervous that I won't have everything I need for school. I'm so shocked that I'm going back in two days. I DO NOT want to go back right now....

But anyways click this link!
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I Didn't Know Apple Made That?

I didn't know they made white iPod touch's?? That makes the iPod look so much prettier (: Look for yourself & tell me what you think!

Apple 8GB White 4th Generation iPod Touch - MD057LL/A (Google Affiliate Ad)Apple 8GB White 4th Generation iPod Touch - MD057LL/A (Google Affiliate Ad)

Friday, August 17, 2012

And I Just Keep Typing...

I need to transfer all this negative energy I have into something productive and positive, but I just don't know how to or what to put it in. I kind of just feel like feeling like this for a minute or two. Have you ever done that? Just sit there in sadness and not want to move away from it? That's what I'm doing right now. I don't even know why I'm down right now. I think it's because I feel lonely. Usually I don't mind chilling with me myself and I but it gets to be just too much. I need other people around me every once in awhile. I need to get out of the house and go be with people, even if it's just one person.

Blogs Are A Good Place To Just Talk & Talk, Or In This Case Type & Type

I am getting so restless at home just sitting around sleeping and eating. I need to do something. I have to have some kind of responsibility or schedule in my life. That's the one good thing about school. Everyday you are doing something that takes up a majority of your day besides sleeping. And since school takes so much out of the day it motivates me to do the things I wanna do, because I start thinking I won't have enough time later. It gets me going through my day. It also allows me to be around people, socializing and having a good time. I haven't had much of that this summer. I miss seeing everybody everyday. But going back is gonna be sad. People always moving and the seniors won't be there, plus I'm not too fond of the new class of freshmen that are coming in. Last year my friend Cameron moved, I found out his last day. I got so upset and cried when I got home. I didn't even know him for very long either, but I hate seeing people leaving and imagining not ever seeing them again. I wonder what my senior year is going to be like, leaving school and all those people I've known since elementary and middle school forever. I get so sad to think about it, but then I remember that no matter what happens, those people that I miss and want to see I will reunite with them again someday. Either on the Other Side or in life. But that still doesn't always take away the sadness. I just want to graduate life already, go Home where I can do anything I want, be anywhere I want, with whoever I want. Where I can be with my Creators and all the people I love and have loved.

Untitled ♥

Sometimes the simple things in life can make you so happy. Like sitting at home with your dog listening to Beyonce. Knowing you don't need anybody besides yourself but also knowing God will always be by your side. All I can do is smile (:

I Want This Camera Someday

Have You Been Praying For Talia? ♥

She is such a strong girl. Everyday I send that beautiful green healing light to her. I ask Lilith to heal her. Please, everyday pray for her, send the healing green light through her body, visualize it healing her, giving her strength, and curing her from cancer. TALIA WE ALL LOVE YOU! ♥

Do This Be Happening To You?

I laughed when I saw this. Does this be happening to anybody else? Lol, cause it be happening to me! 

I Don't Wanna Go Back

So I just found out my school starts Monday, not Wednesday. Any other time, I would be excited to go back to school, but not right now. This summer I had so many plans, and almost all of them fell through except for two. I still have no clothes, backpack, or school supplies yet. Honestly, I'm kind of worried. Having a single mother does not help with all of that. She works so hard to provide for us, even taking on the graveyard shift to get more money. School is hard for me socially. I'm not getting all new clothes every weekend, or the new Jordans that come out like everyone else. I know for sure that having all that stuff doesn't matter, but for right now while I'm in school it has to. I can't be made fun of again, that shit sucks. I do know that once school is over, it gets so much better. I'm just praying that a miracle happens money wise.

Mally Beauty Products ((:

Face Defender ^

Foundation ^
I really want to try this. I've seen some reviews and it literally mattifies your face. And the best part is that it's clear and will never look cakey! It's called the Evercolor Poreless Face Defender. I wanna try the Ultimate Performance Professional Foundation too. I read reviews on it and it is said that it does not look cakey, yet has great coverage. And is a great natural looking finish.

Wo(Man)'s Bestfriend (:

My beautiful sleepy baby, she makes me smile each and every day. ♥

There's A Reason To Smile Every Second Of Every Minute Of Every Day ♥

Even though most of this summer, physically I have been alone I could never feel anymore surrounded. Surrounded by Father, Mother, my spirit guides and the people whom I have loved in past lives. I am so blessed to obtain this knowledge. I am so blessed to be freed of dogma and society hatred. I love myself, my soul and every soul I come across. I know that the more love I send out the more will come back to me. I just smile everyday, every hour knowing the love and protection that is around me. I am so blessed to have found my spirituality. I am looking forward to learning and seeking more. I am looking forward to opening my mind to the most beautiful and lovely things. I just hope that throughout my life I can do that for others too.

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Just because society makes something out to be wrong, doesn't mean it is. Stop trying to mold yourself to society's standards! Just be yourself, because an original is worth much more than a copy. ♥

Show Her Some Love!!!

Alexandra is new to YouTube and y'all should check her out. The videos she has up so far are really good. Lets show her some love and support her channel!!! Share it, like her videos, favorite them, and subscribe! Don't be a hater! You might as well do it, you have nothing to lose (:

You Are & Never Will Be Alone

School is so close. Just some days away... I am going to be a sophomore in high school and I ain't going to lie, I'm pretty nervous. Having a single mother is not easy. You can't afford all the things everybody else is getting every week, or get a car when you need it, or get rides to be at the places your friends are at. I'll tell you, and many others will too, sophomore year is most likely the hardest year(s) of your life. So many things restricting you from growing up, getting independent. The law won't let you drive or get a job 'till you're 16, it won't let you stay out past 10 at night. Parents won't let you get a job, but they expect you to buy the things you want like clothes, shoes, cars, etc. I'm not gonna lie this past year and a half have been so hard, mentally and emotionally. I was lost at the beginning of the summer. I didn't know what or who to believe in, much less myself. I questioned why my life was the way it was and why everything would go wrong. I started blaming God, yelling at Him, demanding answers to why He wasn't helping me. I was so lost spiritually, until I found these books in my hallway closet. It was the Soul Series by Sylvia Browne. These books have changed my life, opened my mind, and extended my spiritual path. I now know that I will be okay no matter what happens to me or my family in life. I have found the love of my Creators and I will never go back to that dark confused place. Please, if you are ever lost and need answers, just ask God Almighty above. Father and Mother are always listening, and guiding us. I now let God take me where I want and need to go in life. It's good to just let go and let Him lead me. I now know I will never be alone. Bless all of you forever, thanks for reading. 

Air Jordan 6/7 “Gold Medal”


Point blank period.


Father God Is All Loving, Never Judging ♥

It just breaks my heart that a lot of people actually believe in their hearts that people who are gay should not be living, or they deserve to go to "hell", or that god hates them. Those people are praising a false god. Hate, vengeance, and discrimination are mans only. Do these people even know what an all loving God is? God is only loving. He has and never will judge His children. He loves each and every one of us, even those who do bad things. Like I have said before, opening your mind, seeking your own truth is what we all are down here for. Not to hate and discriminate!

TymetheInfamous $350 Giveaway! So generous ♥

This woman is so generous! And her videos are BOMB! Enter her giveaway and subscribe (: You won't regret it. The eye looks she does are just amazing. All the different colors blended together creating the most cool and beautiful effect on her eyes is just inspiring! Makes you want to go do your make up!

Is Frank Blind?

Has anyone been watching Big Brother??? Ugh, I have and I am really upset that Frank did not put Shane or Dan on the block and back door them! Does he not see that every time he is not in power Brittany, Shane, Danielle, and Dan betray their word and try to get him out of the house? I wish I could talk to him through the television!!! If he had put one of them up he would have had the votes to get em out, and then start a new alliance with Ashley, Boogie, Jenn, Joe, and Will! Anyways, as some of y'all can tell I am TEAM FRANK ALL THE WAY BABY!! I am worried though, that if one of those 4 win Frank will be going home. Especially with the double eviction coming up. But, what did y'all think of Frank and Ashley's make out session??? That was a freaking surprise man! Poor Ian got dumped, ha-ha.  

Home Is Where The Heart Is

The best part about being home is that you can be ugly and not give a shit! You can lounge around all day in sweats and bed hair with out worrying about what people think. It's refreshing to just come home and relax, to feel at home and happy (:

Sweet Talia: WE ALL LOVE YOU ♥

Talia is such a sweet young girl. Please do me a favor before you do hers! Send a green healing light through her body, visualize it healing her and killing the cancer! Pray to Mother for her... Talia does not want to go Home yet, she wants to stay for awhile longer. Which makes it so sad. Lets all be here for her and all the other children in need!

After praying for her and sending that wonderful green light to her, tweet this video to Ellen and don't be afraid to do it a hundred billion times (:

I love Talia's videos. She has such energy! Such a strong girl, her strength and wisdom amazes me. I pray and call upon Lilith to heal this special girl! Love you Talia!!! ♥

No Amount Of Words Could Explain

I couldn't explain it any better myself (:
He is someone we can count on in every which way of our lives! I wouldn't be the person I am in this life without the knowledge I have of my Creators. I am so happy to be down here for Him! ♥

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hypocrites & Self Worth?

I'm sitting at home watching The Real World and it just blows my mind at how some people (Trey) completely disrespect their "partner". It infuriates me how Trey is getting so worked up at Chelsea, his girl back home, for going out every once in a while and having a drink and maybe going on a date when he is hooking up with Laura. He is putting these girls through the ringer!! He needs to choose either Laura or Chelsea. Chelsea also needs to stand up for herself and tell Trey that if he is doing what he is doing he has absolutely no right to scorn her for going out and having a beer with someone else. And Laura needs to stand up for herself too! Trey also gets worked up if Laura dances with another man, but he can talk to his girl from home every night and have her come to the island? No, that's not right! I am so happy I'm not a part of that love triangle... I wouldn't even let myself get involved in one in the first place. I know my self worth and I swear on everything I will not and won't ever let someone put me on the back burner like that. Whew! Well, that is my rant for the night! Let me know what you think of the whole situation in the comments, muah!

It Is Never Too Late

I want to learn as much as I can. I ask God everyday, and will do so for the rest of my life, to expand my mind. I want to use everysingle part of it that I can. I have learned so much throughout this summer.  My mind has been opened to the most amazing things, I now look at these stupid ignorant people with sadness. I could never go back to that mindframe ever again, it is such a sad place. Knowing that life here is not and never will be the end is such a joyous thing. I smile everyday because I know that no matter what happens, I will be okay. Life is supposed to be hard! It is supposed to challenge you, throw you down, and stomp on you! We are here to perfect our souls for God! Each and everyone of us chose to come down here, we made a contract with God. That contract is our life. We learn and expand and perfect from it. I am so happy to be down here experiencing for Him. I am even happier to know that this is not the end. Don't let the negativity of life bring you down! If at anytime you are unhappy with something in your life let it go and don't look back! Do not be worried that doing so will bite you in the ass. To be honest sticking with something you hate does just that! Flow with life, let God take you where you need to go. Love yourself and everyone around you and love will encompass you everyday, if not by people then by the Holy Spirit! It is never too late to start something new, go on a new adventure, and seek truth. The mind is a wonderful thing, open it and see what happens! Bless each and every one of you ♥

How ignorant and self absorbed can you be in life?

I just can't stand it anymore. To see and hear people actually believe they are better than another person. Boo I'm sorry to break it to ya but that other person whom you think you are better than is just as much God's child as you are and is just as loved by Him as you. No amount of money, looks, or facebook likes will change that.