Saturday, September 1, 2012

How My Day Is Going...

So today I found out I can't get my MAC stuff 'till tomorrow :\\ UGH! But that does give me more time to clean the house. I really wanted today to be a chill day. A day where I could relax, be ugly, and clean, but that's not going to happen. Instead I have to try and clean as fast as I can, take a shower, do my hair, and have three friends over... I'm debating over if I should tell them to come tomorrow, or just do it today... I think I'm gonna go with today, so that tomorrow I can blog and stare at my MAC stuff ^_^

I cannot wait 'till I get to go there. I'm hoping that I can sneak in my FAVORITE body spray from Bath & Body Works and a Yankee candle. I have been wanting some candals for FOREVER. Tomorrow I am also going to Lowes to be picking out some paint colors, I am redoing my room, for my room! I am so happy. I really hope they have the purple/violet that I am looking for. I better go now, I have a lot of cleaning to do! Have a blessed day, muah!

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